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Submersible Wave Recorder duo_splash._wave

RBR's new submersible two channel wave logger, RBRduoT.D |wave, is a self-contained logger designed for unattended measurement of waves through continuous or intermittent bursts. Wave measurements are taken as continuous or intermittent bursts at rates between 1 to 6Hz. Wave sampling is achieved by taking between 512 to 32k (power of 2) samples at the selected burst rate. Software is provided to analyze the wave data to reveal the wave characteristics like significant wave height and period, and more. The RBRduo T.D |wave recorder is accurate and can be mounted on the sea or harbour floor, fastened to an existing structure, or attached to a mooring line.

Main features:

  • Store over 30 million readings internally.
  • Fast download.
  • True USB speed and convenience.
  • RS-232 and RS-485 support for telemetry and long cable usage.
  • Longer deployments with eight CR123A batteries (optional extended body with 16 batteries).
  • Improved instrument design.
  • High accuracy measurements.
  • New microprocessor, real-time operating system, sophisticated power management, and USB and serial connectivity.
  • Mechanical redesign to reduce the complexity of the internal parts and more efficient use of the space available.
  • Unique desiccant holder in the battery end cap.

The temperature channel calibrated an accuracy of ± 0.002°C (ITS-90) over the range -5 to +35°C. Extended range calibrations are available. Typical drift has been measured to be 0.002°C/year. The thermistor may be a standard response The thermistor may be a standard response (<3s time constant) or a fast response probe ( 0.095s time constant). The depth channel is calibrated to an accuracy of 0.05% full scale with ranges from 20 or 50m. Calibration constants are stored in the logger.


pdf_button Datasheet
pdf_button Performance of a new submersible tide and wave recorder

The RBR Ruskin software package has a straight-forward logger set up display menu, which includes synchronizing the logger to the PC clock, setting the sampling period, setting the averaging burst length, and start and stop logging date selection by means of a graphical calendar. Data can also be saved to a .mat file for import into Matlab® for further analysis and display.

wave data

wave analysis rsk

Analysis of Waves and Wave Spectra:

  • Mean level
  • Significant wave height (Hs)
  • Min and max elevation from mean
  • Mean period
  • Mean zero crossing period Peak period
  • Significant wave period
  • Total energy


Derived Channels